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Rene' J. Thompson, Owner

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" The only place for my precious pup is Chesterfield Kennels. The owner is a true animal lover and takes care of each dog like her own. Her passion for her job is matched only by her love for the animals. My puppy's first experience at a kennel was better than I could of ever hoped for. This will always be, my puppy's home away from home."

—Kathy, Yahoo User 5 Star Review
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Welcome to Chesterfield Kennels

My name is Rene' Thompson, Owner and Operator. I have waited a long time to find and acquire a kennel that lives up to standards that I expect when boarding my precious pets. I take my responsibility to your pet very seriously and make it my mission to make sure your pet's stay is as pleasurable for them as it is for me to care for them.

I personally spend time with your pet in the enclosed "free" area. Your pet will enjoy the "free" area at the very least, four times a day. Off leash they can roam, sniff, pee/poop, run and play. Unless weather related, I do not place time limits, in fact they let me know when they have had enough.  I do not commingle other dogs.  It is always just your pet(s) and me.

Usually, the first 12 to 24 hours is an adjustment period for every pet that checks-in. It is during this time period that they don't know if they can trust me, I don't know if I can trust them, but when the tail goes up and their guard goes down it is a wonderful moment. I let them approach me in order for this to happen and it truly makes me smile to witness your pet blossom and realize this isn't such a bad place after all. From that moment until you arrive to take them home, their stay becomes a pleasurable experience.

I hope the information I have provided on this site helps you make your decision to choose Chesterfield Kennels "where your pet stays and plays while you are away".





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